Mating Cove Rules

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Mating Cove Rules

Post  Loobylou900 on Thu May 27, 2010 10:36 am

Following this paragraph is the rules of The Mating Cove. If you fail to follow these, you will be given a single warning, no more. After that, a temporary or Permanent Ban will be issued, depending on how bad the rule which was broke was. If you wish to see these rules in any other language, for better understanding, please contact me via PM.

The Mating Cove Rules-

One - Do not put any adoptables in your post. Keep them to signatures and and Adoptable Lairs.

Two - Any Racism, Sexism, Ageism or other discriminating comments will be dealt with severely.

Three - Do not use swear words on the forum. They're mkay be younger children than you know of on here.

Four - Keep all Forum-Chat to PG13 please, if you want to take it to dodgier stuff, take it to PMs.

Five - Please keep all dating/marriage to Dragons Teenage and Above. Children and Hatchling dragons, and ESPECIALLY not Egg dragons, cannot date or get married. They ESPECIALLY cannot have offspring.

Six - Hacking and Spamming is completely forbidden.

Seven - Just have common sense, please. Do not Flame, Spam, Double Post or beg for adoptable clicks. Double posting will be forgiven if it is truly an accident, though Wink

And Remember, do not argue with the Mods and Admin. They do their job, that's all, they're not just out to get you ^^;

The Admin so far are Myself. Other Admin will probably not be being accepted.
The Mods so far are Luane, also a Co-leader of the Clan on Dragonadopters.

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