Dragon Profile Template

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Dragon Profile Template

Post  Loobylou900 on Thu May 27, 2010 10:58 am

[b]Full Name:[/b]
[b]Sexual preference:[/b]
[b]What They're searching for:[/b]

How to fill it out:

Full Name: The Full name of your dragon, include any nicknames too.
Gender: Male or Female, or perhaps both?
Age: Their Age, in Human Years for better understanding please.
Sexual preference: Gay, Lesbian, Straight or Bisexual? Any you want, don't worry Wink
Appearence: post a picture here of what they look like. If an adoptable image is posted here that links to their dragon page, a warning will NOT be given.
Personality: How they act, Quirky? Serious? Stupid? Smart? It's all up to you.
Likes: What do they like? Hobbies are put here too
Dislikes: Put here what they DON'T like. Spiders? Fire?
What They're searching for: Someone who likes to have fun? Someone romantic? Someone who shares the same interests?

An Example of a properly filled out Form:

Full Name: Mister Examplious "Example" the First
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Sexual preference: Straight
Appearence: [Image goes here, but I'm too lazy to make one right now Wink]
Personality: Calm, smart and a little quiet. pretty shy at times.
Likes:Ice cream, reading, painting and horseriding.
Dislikes: Wasps, any other Bugs and Guinea Pigs.
What They're searching for: Someone not too extravagent, but someone who they can still have fun with.

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