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What to do here

Post  Loobylou900 on Thu May 27, 2010 11:43 am

Here are the Dating and Honeymoon rooms. It's where your dragons go if they wish to spend a romantic or fun time away with their loved ones. For examples, if you're posting in your dragons profile with your dragon's partner, you can post in OoC (Out of Character Chat, symoblised by posting in Brackets) Chat that your dragon and the other's dragon is going on a date now, and where they would like to go. once that's sorted, come here to see what's here or not. Say, if you're looking for the Beach. You'd look for a topic entitled "The Beach" or such. That's where you would post from then one. Once finished at the beach, you would continue the chat back at your dragon's profile.

If there is someone you are looking for, for example,"The Forest path" That is NOT listed here, feel free to make your own topic for it ^^

In the Topic's name, however, please note whether or not the topic is Public or private. Public Topics are one's which anybody can go to, without permission. Private topics are the topics where only those with permission can go there, for example; Your dragon's house, or something along those lines. Remember that if something is going to get dodgy, take it to PMs (Private Messages).

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